Ripple Vanilla 48oz (Coming online in 2023!)
Ripple Vanilla 48oz (Coming online in 2023!)
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Ripple Vanilla 48oz (Coming online in 2023!)

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Go Ahead, Indulge!

Ripple Vanilla sweetens up the protein-packed goodness of Ripple Original with natural vanilla flavor. With 8g of protein per serving and 40% less sugar than flavored milks1, Ripple Vanilla is pure guilt-free indulgence.

100% dairy-free, vegan, nut-, lactose- and gluten-free; and loaded with nutrition — Each serving has 8g of protein, 50% more calcium than 2% dairy milk1, more vitamin D and contains only a few grams more sugar than regular 2% dairy milk1.

Ripple Vanilla adds lusciousness to smoothies and makes a decadent coffee creamer, or, just pour some into a glass and enjoy.

  • 8g plant-based protein per serving
  • Half the sugar of flavored milk1
  • 50% more calcium than 2% dairy milk1
  • An excellent source of Vitamin D

1 1 cup chocolate milk contains 25g sugar and 293mg of calcium. 1 cup Ripple Vanilla contains 14g sugar & 465 mg calcium. 2% milk contains 12g sugar & 293mg of calcium. Milk data from USDA National Nutritional Database for Standard Reference, release 28 (2015).
*Pertains to U.S. Products Only